Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Engagement Session - Part 1

This coming week my husband Elliott and I will celebrate our 2 year wedding anniversary. In honor of that, I'm finally sharing all of our engagement, bridal, and wedding pictures.  Was I going to try to share them all before our anniversary? Yes, of course, high-minded me sure thought so.  Actual me is thankful to be sharing this first installment with you, our first engagement session.  That's right, we had 2 engagement sessions. Why? Because our photographer was awesome sauce, that's why.  In case you're wondering, his name is Todd White, and he was so gracious to us throughout all of our photo sessions.  This first session ended up being on a dreary and rainy day in December of 2011 (was it really that long ago already?), and as such you may notice some Christmas decorations around us.  He got that we are most definitely outdoor people and offered to give us a second session since all these shots had to be inside.  It was a marathon of a day for sure though as we ended up at 5 different locations overall.  We started with these first few shots at Roots Bistro in Georgetown.  Then, we moved across the street to The Georgetown Palace Theater.  They were so kind to let us in the theater to shoot, and we had fun playing around on the stage.  You can't beat those pretty red theater seats either.

Next, we moved onto a photobooth of course! You may remember that Elliott proposed to me in a photobooth so we definitely wanted to include that in our session.  But of course, it was not any photobooth, it was a Blababooth, which is a photobooth that also takes video of you in between the photos and can be rather hilarious.  To see our video from this session, click here.
We headed back to Georgetown and played around in one of my favorite antique shops, The Gatherings.  So gorgeous and wonderfully curated inside. My grandmother was an antique dealer so it was very reminiscent for me, especially the picture of my ring on the bristle brush Christmas trees.  It's the little things, right?

Last but certainly not least, we headed to Elliott's favorite place, Starbucks, and Todd captured a few shots on film.  So great, right?

More random tidbits about us, my favorite holiday drink is the Carmel Apple Spice even though they have it year round.  Elliott's is a Peppermint Mocha (triple grande 190 degrees no sprinkles to be exact) which you can also get year round. We're rebels, I tell ya.

Here's to hoping I can get the other pictures posted before our 3 year anniversary! Then, maybe just maybe, I will get photo books printed for family, but as my Dad always says, better late than never, right? I sure do hope so!


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