Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Night Out at the Ballpark

Via @ropescourseguy on instagram

 Last night we went to the Round Rock Express baseball game with our dear friends Ryan and Amy Riojas.  We love hanging out with these two, even if they are always fashionable and sometimes late!   

The idea of getting smacked with a line drive to the face terrified me. Enter our destination spot: the balcony.  We enjoyed the light breeze and great conversation.  I even won a shirt! We couldn't believe the guy could throw it that far, but I have the evidence to show for it (see pic below). Trying to take the first picture below was a real feat.  First Elliott called me chicken neck for sticking my neck out too far in front of him; then I called him gangster for slouching too far back...Amy got called monkey arms somewhere in the middle of all this.  I think that was a self-proclaimed title though. Finally we got our heads together and took a decent photo!  

More than anything, last night was the refresher we needed.  We've been married a little over 2 months now, and we've become married hermits! Only hanging out with each other, and sadly to say, our couch.  Before the wedding, we could blame it on...the wedding. No more wedding, no more wedding excuse (except maybe the newly-married excuse, but let's face it, that's just not cutting it anymore).   As we got in our car to head home, we looked at each other and decided, "We have GOT to get out more."

Thank you Ryan and Amy for being an answer to prayer and showing up...even though you completely forgot about us until we texted you! 

P.S. Check out Amy's Blog - Fancy Lady (& Ry Ro) in the City.  She shares all about their life and faith.  Amy's "cra-cra" as she likes to say, and you'll love it!
Via @amyriojas on instagram
Via @amyriojas on instagram

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