Friday, February 3, 2012

Sunday Fun Day

What is better than Sunday Fun Day? Almost nothing, I tell you, almost nothing! RopesCourseGuy and I started this "family tradition" back in November.  Basically, we just go do whatever we consider Fun on a Sunday, and hence you have a Sunday Fun Day.  Mostly this includes walking around SoCo in Austin.  We love that street!
Love Birds
This particular Sunday Fun Day we had the extreme pleasure to include family since they were in town for my bridal shower.  We started the day out with a bible study with Renee, a.k.a RopesCourseMom and my sister.  It was a healing time for sure, and Sara and I learned so much from Renee.  Then the whole gang headed to Monument Cafe for some delicious breakfast.  Scrambled eggs with cheese, avocado, and onion? Yes, please! 
Twin Sister Love

Sister Sara, Me, & RopesCourseGuy
Sisters with Mama Renee
Mom with her 2 daughters
The whole gang
After breakfast, we headed to the Georgetown Antique Mall.  What a treasure of a place! And the owner knows her stuff, plus you can so tell how much she loves every single item in that place.  RopesCourseGuy found his all time favorite, a Victor Victrola circa 1920 (a record player).  We danced to a song called "Easter Parade."  Memory made!

Victor Victrola
All of that and then we headed into Austin.  By this time my mom and sister had to leave to go home, but Renee was still around (more on this lovely lady later)!  We stopped at my most favoritest of places ever, Big Top Candy Shop! Renee and I both had Pink Lady's..another yummy and delicious treat, one of their signature soda fountain concoctions made with Sunkist, Sprite, Raspberry, and cream.
Two Pink Ladies
Inside Big Top Candy place EVER!!!
We continued to walk around and landed in Storyville, a very unique and interesting t-shirt shop.  I purchased a matching t-shirt to RopesCourseGuy's "Hi How are you?" shirt.  He says to get ready to just say to you "Good, how are you?" and I'll have no idea what they're talking about until you look down at yourself and remember.
We ended the evening with burgers and fries at Hopdoddy's, another one of our favorite places.  (Did I ever mention we ate at BB's Homecooking on Friday night? No, I don't think I did, but needless to say, it was one of the best food weekends.  We ate at 3 of our favorite restaurants!)

Yay for Sunday Fun Day! It was a good break from wedding planning.  Even though I was majorly stressed come Monday morning since we didn't get as much wedding stuff done as I would have hoped.  Oh well. Sunday Fun Day was worth it, and we're still getting married come February 24th, so we're all good!


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Rachel said...

Oh my goodness! Husband and I have called Sunday..."Sunday Funday" before. hehe! Great minds think alike!

I like the idea of just doing things that you consider fun on Sunday! What a great way to relax and start your week.