Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bridal Shower Fabulousness

My Future-Mother-in-Law Renee, My Mom Jane, Me RopesCourseGal, My Sister Sara, and My Bridesmaid Rachel

This past weekend was my bridal shower! It was so amazing. Seriously people, this bridal shower kicked some pretty little bridal booty. Why you ask? I believe said bridal shower derived its butt-kicking power from the 2 hosts, my Maid of Honor and Twin Sister, Sara, and my Bridesmaid and Best-Friend, Rachel. They worked so hard, and it definitely paid off. The food was deliciously yummy. The decor was just right. I liked it so much I'm now hanging it up in my apartment (a twine wreath and picture display using twine rope with clothespins)! For pictures of the food and decor, check out Rachel's Blog Aspiring Chic.

Everything flowed seamlessly. We played a few fun games, out of which I received a Date Jar. So when RopesCourseGuy and I are stumped on what to do, we can pull a Date Card out of the Date Jar and have something to do.

Here are the lovely ladies who showered me with love!


Erica and her daughter Elisan
Top left: Whitney & Laura.  Top right: Renee, Mom, Sara, & Rachel.
Bottom left: Crystaline & Celeste.  Bottom Right: Sara.
On the way to the shower looking all pur-tee

I can't mention a bridal shower without people asking what presents we got. Well I'm happy to say we received some fabulous presents. RopesCourseGuy thoroughly enjoyed two of the presents that very night! He had been on the course that day, so he came home and needed to get cleaned up. But first he had to install our new 9 inch shower head and set up the towel warmer. He also got super excited when he opened the salad mixer/slicer.

RopesCourseGuy putting together our new towel warmer
The insane shower head

I am in love with this awesome centerpiece that one friend put together. She picked out each part and then put it all together. It now decorates our main table with the too-cute red Fiesta Salt and Pepper Shakers we got!
Our pretty new centerpiece

Combine all this fabulousness and love, and you get one happy bride! Thank you to Sara and Rachel for making it so incredibly wonderful!


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Rachel said...

I'm so glad that you liked it! You deserved every bit of it. So excited for you and RopesCourseGuy! :)