Thursday, October 3, 2013

Florida Part 1: The Beach at Sunset

Recently we took an extended vacation to Elliott's home state of Florida.  He'd talked up Florida beaches so much since we've been together, I'd been longing to go when it was warm enough to feel like a beach vacay.  The only other times I'd been to Florida were in the cooler months when laying out on the beach was not an option.  Elliott's mom, a.k.a RopesCourseMom as we like to call her, rented a beach house for us to stay in for part of the trip so we could spend time with extended family. It did my heart good to enjoy some family time and get to know Elliott's uncles and their families, including his three sweet cousins, all young ladies who I quickly came to adore.  Needless to say, the Florida beaches did not disappoint. I got the beach vacay my heart had been longing for, and Elliott was right: the sand is white, and the water is clear.  These were taken at Laguna Beach in Florida (the residential area north of Panama City Beach).


Cheers to pretty beaches, amazing sunsets, and enjoying them with the ones you love.


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