Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Why I Can't Wait to Be Married (31 Days)

RopesCourseGuy and I are getting married in 31 Days! That's only a month away! It feels like it will be over before we know it, and yet it feels like forever, all at the same time.

What am I looking forward to 32 days from now?
  • No more wedding planning...just wedded bliss.  I love the fact that we get to plan a huge party for our friends and family, but no joke y'all, this mug is stressful! It's go time, and I am feeling the pressure.  Yes, I know it will be worth it. Yes, I know all that really matters on that day is that we say I do.  Can we just fast forward to that part please?
  • We get to be together like ALL the time.  We decided not to live together before we get married, but I can't wait to live with him.  Yes, I know I will be living with a boy man, and I'm sure there will be major adjustments for the both of us.  It's the whole waking up next to each other and falling asleep together thing...
  • No more driving home at the end of the night.  No more "Goodbyes," just "Good Nights."
  • Hobbies!  Since all our free time has been consumed with wedding planning, I'm hoping to have more time to get back to or learn new hobbies I haven't had time for.  Putting to use the new sewing machine I got for Christmas sounds like a fabulous idea to me.  Curtains, pillows, um yes please!
  • Hanging out with friends.  So many friends have said to me recently, "Let's hang out."  What's the polite way to say, "Um yeah, I don't have time for you until my world stops spinning, I become one with my future spouse, and even then I'm sure all I'll want to do is spend time with him, so in like 6 months let's be friends, OK?  Unless you love me so much you actually want to help me with all this wedding stuff? Yeah, I didn't think so!"  (sounds harsh but it's true!)
  • All the stuff married people get to do...yeah, you know what I'm talking about.  Enough said!


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